A-Z of Christmas Lighting

Friday 06 December, 2019

By Field & Lawn

It’s Christmas time which means one thing. The Christmas Lighting team is in full swing.
Across the country, and up and down, Field and Lawn were in hundreds of towns.

But there is one city that due to its size, and this won’t come as much surprise, Has a host of dazzling displays. To see them all, you could wander for days!

So hear a tale from Field and Lawn, about how they set up from dusk until dawn. It’s time for you to come and see, our London Christmas Lights A-Z.

On Albermarle Street, pure white braids of light. Bond Street’s peacock display is quite the sight.
Snowflakes are the focus on Chancery Lane. Duke Street for light swags makes a perfect domain.

On Elizabeth Street, railings mounted with trees. Festoon on Floral Court – what else could it be?
Light swags meander through Glasshouse Street. Hatton Gardens’ walk-through bauble provides quite the treat.

On Irving Street, you'll see a net of stars. Lights adorn James Street through the shops and bars.
Knightsbridge is lit up with icicle light. 3D stars on Longacre are shining bright.

Mount Street is decorated with bespoke hanging clusters. Swags on North Audley shine with brilliant lustre.
27 giant screens placed on Oxford Street, with 80 synchronised trees to make it complete.

Festoon on Pavilion Road leads the charge. Tree displays in Queens Park that are extra-large!
Warm white tree lights glow in Rathbone Square. The arches of South Molton Street have been decorated with care.

Five gold rings of Christmas stand proudly on The Strand. Hanging trees for unique events are just part of the plans.
Villiers Street, a new display, exuding festive glee. In Wembley Park, we’re proud to say, stands the UK’s largest tree.

So Xmas is here, the displays are all lit, and maybe the team can rest for a bit.
But not for too long, there’s still lots more to do, and we’d love to create a display just for you.

Just contact the team through the form below, if your street, centre or village needs a festive glow.
For now Merry Christmas, and we hope you agree, that it’s time for our Christmas lighting team to catch some Zzz