Christmas Is Coming

Tuesday 08 October, 2019

By Field & Lawn

While Christmas may not be on everyone's mind just yet, Field and Lawn teams across the UK are mobilizing ahead of the start of the festive installations.

And believe it or not, the work has already begun!

Ahead of this, displays are being refurbished, eyebolt fixings are being pull-tested and the new displays are nearing completion. Site teams are completing refresher training in cherry picker operations, pull-testing and G39 along with our own specially developed in-house training program. Our electricians are testing power supplies, dropping cable feeds as well as installing new sockets. Basically, the teams are doing everything they can to make sure all our teams operate safely and efficiently.

Field and Lawn will have nearly 80 operatives working across the UK supplying a range of Christmas displays to councils, BIDS, land owners and shopping centres.

With some exciting new contracts ready to be delivered, planning is already well underway. We will be bringing you updates on our work showcasing ground-mounted decorations, colour-changing animations, along with new crossing and column decorations. With over 1 million LEDs being installed this year, it promises to be our busiest Christmas yet.

For those who may be looking to arrange festive lighting for the first time there are a number of things to consider when putting your request together and we're pleased to share our simple guide to getting it right this Christmas.

  • Do you want to own or rent the decorations?
  • What period of contract are you looking to enter into? Often these are multi-year arrangements.
  • Is there existing infrastructure in place? This may be building fixed eyebolts or power supplies.
  • What permissions may be needed from your council or facilities management company?
  • What type of decorations would be best for your area? e.g. lamp post decorations, crossings, Christmas trees.
  • Do you want contemporary or modern decorations? What about colours?
  • Do you require installation?
  • Will you have a switch-on event?
  • What is your budget? Whilst we don’t always need to know this, it really helps us to come up with designs to fit within what you wish to spend.

We still have some limited capacity so please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any help with your last minute requests.