Miracle on Watford High Street

Friday 21 February, 2020

By Field & Lawn

Watford BID paved the way for a brand-new scheme in 2019 with immersive and imaginative decorations.

The whole city is undergoing a period of rejuvenation and the High Street was the first to be completed alongside a brand-new shopping centre. The centre of town is busy and vibrant, with local food markets and smart pedestrianised zones.

Because of this, the BID wanted a new Christmas lights scheme that would match the progressive new city and the Field and Lawn team was very happy work in partnership with Castros to help deliver this.

The scheme moved away from more traditional types of Christmas decorations by bringing them all down to ground level.

Bright cylindrical decorations were wrapped around the bases of 40 lamp columns dotted along the high street. Like stepping stones, these luminous beacons drew visitors up and down the high street where they could discover all the main features.

Towards the top of the High Street was a playful stack of baubles with integrated seats for visitors to sit on and take that all-important selfie.

The biggest feature in the scheme was a 6m high giant walk-through bauble which boasted a special light display every 30 minutes accompanied by some classic Christmas songs. The Giant Bauble was a huge hit with visitors who were able to sit inside and become a part of the decoration as it came alive during the display.

The Hollywood-style “Watford” sign at the top of the town was a particular favourite with locals. Chris Stark, of Radio 1 fame and Watford heritage, played host for the switch-on event which attracted 4 times the turnout of previous years. It was a pleasure to work with Watford BID to deliver this scheme and we were very proud to hear about the hugely positive response they’ve had.

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