Santa's February!

Thursday 21 February, 2019

By Field & Lawn

For most of us, the festive period can feel like a distant memory, apart from maybe trying to uphold our New Year resolutions and diet plans to help reverse the season’s indulgences.

At Field and Lawn however the Christmas sparkle was still alive in 2019. Over 20 lighting teams from the Field & Lawn branches braved the rain, sleet and snow earlier in the year to finish dismantling Christmas decorations across the UK’s towns and cities.

The team worked under the stars and in the shadows to remove products from trees, buildings and lamp posts and dismantle our increasingly popular freestanding giant ‘selfie’ features! And then it's over to our warehouse team now as they turn into Santa’s elves once again, getting to work inspecting and testing.

The teams are trained and equipped to repair any issues in-house so the depots really do look like Santa’s workshop once more.

As our client base continues to expand each year, our inventory grows with it and we have to find homes for thousands of miles of strings lights, hot air balloons and 10ft tall wise men where they can be safely stored for until this year’s installations begin again.

If we laid every Christmas bulb adjacent to one another from all the Field and Lawn branches, would we be able to go around the earth at least once? Maybe not, as we'd need 40,007,757 metres of lights to do that, but who knows what new projects this year have in store for us.

It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas, so get in touch with one of our branches to discuss your lighting and festive decoration ideas for 2019. Perhaps you can help us reach that 40 million metres of lights!