There's No Business Like Snowman Business

Wednesday 23 October, 2019

By Field & Lawn

The festive period can be tough for a snowman that sits within a Christmas display.

From standing up against the elements to general wear and tear, it's no wonder that January rolls round and these snowmen can look a little less jolly than they did.

Field and Lawn doesn't just supply and install brand new Christmas installations. The team is also proud to refurbish and reinvigorate any Christmas display items - including Mr Snowman, lovingly refurbished by the Manchester branch.

Inheriting the snowman as part of a recycling initiative with the local council, Mr Snowman came to the team broken and looking rather sad, old and cold. But he was in safe hands with the dedicated, experienced and very patient team, and he caused quite a lot of excitement within the team.

The makeover process started with a complete strip down of lights & all covering. Then came the re-modelling starting with the hat before re-attaching and shaping the arms to make him whole again.

The team decided to change the colours of the face, hat and scarf to give a warmer feel to our frozen friend. New lights were installed throughout and new bright decorative carpet gave a fresh snow look.

Field and Lawn teams across the country have the skills to refurbish displays whether they have been damaged by vandalism or you just want to bring it back to looking its best. So keep us in mind during the 2019 festive period - we'd be delighted to make your decorations look their best for 2020!