UK’s Largest Walk-Through LED Christmas Tree

Friday 24 January, 2020

By Field & Lawn

Here at Field & Lawn we love a challenge and what is a bigger and better challenge than installing the UK’s largest walk-through LED Christmas Tree?!

25m high with a diameter at the base of over 9 meters, the install of the tree took a lot of logistical planning to ensure it would be complete for the switch-on ceremony organised by the client.

Because of the tree’s location near Wembley Stadium there were added hurdles to jump as we had to install around football internationals, music concerts and Disney on Ice! For such a large structure it is essential the ground was level. Unfortunately for us following as site survey we identified a 25cm drop over the 10 meters we required. This meant building a 10m x 10m platform, with 2 access ramps, that could not only withstand the weight of the tree but also the ballast required to secure the tree.

Once this was finished, we could start with construction of the tree.

We hired in 2no 28m Hybrid Articulated Booms and sent 8 of our most experienced crew to site. The tree had arrived flat packed (imagine the biggest piece of Ikea furniture you can) and was delivered to site over 2 days. The build took 3 days and connecting the data and power cables another whole day.

The beauty of this tree means the clients can choose their own designs. They can simply upload files to an SD card and place it in the controller at the base of the tree. With 35,000 LED lights there is no limit to what can be achieved.

We completed the build in good time and the switch on was a great success.

As well as the tree we also installed 15no 8m x 2m LED cross street panels, a walk-through star box and decorated 18 trees with programmable LED lights. Fantastically festive!

If you are looking for a new scheme or ways to enhance your current one please contact our Christmas Lighting team who will happy to help.