What a Year!

Thursday 31 January, 2019

By Field & Lawn

2018 brought with it another hectic Christmas season for Field and Lawn. After successful installs throughout the country the previous year, what better way to celebrate this than to take on more schemes in more locations?

In 2018, Field and Lawn worked to provide schemes for BIDs, Town Councils, County Councils and private clients. Each install had its own challenges, but this is something the Field and Lawn team thrives on.

This year saw schemes that ranged from a single street of lamp column motifs that could be installed in one night by one team, to a city-wide install consisting of street crossings, festoon, column and wall motifs and string product (five teams over five nights!). Field and Lawn installed country-wide in villages, towns, theme parks, shopping centres and cities and this large client base meant a variety of decorations.

2018 saw an increase in ground-mounted motifs in particular. These decorations are becoming increasingly popular providing the general public with a great opportunity for a selfie and festive family pictures. Such features will only become more popular, and even existing clients are looking to add them to their long term contracts.

Once installed, all decorations are then subject to weekly checks and maintenance to ensure they continue to look their brightest and that everything is working as it should be.

Each scheme needs meticulous planning, not only for installing but for removing too. Once removed, all items are returned to our warehouses, thoroughly checked and safely stored before we start the whole process again in 10 months’ time.

Field and Lawn is the whole package for any would-be customer. Whether it’s a relatively simple Christmas lighting setup, to something more bespoke, we will meet your exact requirements. We can also supply a vast array of off-the-shelf products that can dress and brighten up any location.

Contact your local branch to discuss your Christmas lighting project. Our experienced and fully trained team would love to hear from you.